EDI リソースセンター

X12 EDI 870

What is an EDI 870 Order Status Report?

The EDI 870 Order Status Report transaction set helps vendors report the status of a customer's order. The vendor/supplier can communicate the status of a specific order, while the order/shipping process is occurring. In general, an EDI 870 refers to one specific order. However, the EDI 870 can also include order history from previous orders made by the client.

How is EDI 870 Used?

The EDI 870 transaction set is used to give information about the current status of several key elements, including:

  • Requirement forecasts
  • An entire purchase order
  • Chosen line items on a purchase order
  • Chosen services on a purchase order
  • Or purchase orders for a particular customer in their entirety or on a selection basis.

The EDI 870 may also be used to update the supplier's expected shipment/delivery dates.

EDI 870 Benefits

By providing accurate information about order status, the 870 document enables trading partners to gain increased clarity into their logistics operations. Specifically, the X12 EDI 870 makes it much easier to identify and resolve issues with purchase orders to maintain smooth operations - all in an automated, efficient EDI process that reduces errors and data entry.

Key Data Elements You'll Find in an Order Status Report:

  • Vendor/retailer information
  • Reference number/code to identify an order
  • Order details such as item, quantity and price
  • Order status information
  • Status explanation

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