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X12 EDI 990

What is an EDI 990 Load Tender Response?

The EDI 990 Load Tender Response is simply a response from motor carriers that carry full truckload shipments when they receive the 204 Motor Carrier Load Tender EDI document from their shipper partners. The transaction set can be used to give general information about a specific shipment.

How is EDI 990 Used?

The EDI 990 is used by distribution centers, manufacturers, wholesalers, and other organizations that produce, handle or ship goods, to “tender" the offer of the shipment. The 990 transaction is used to give one of several responses to the 204 document:

  • Tender accepted
  • Tender declined
  • Tender accepted with conditions
  • Spot bid request accepted (with freight quote bid amount)
  • Spot bid request declined

EDI 990 Benefits

In EDI, the 990 Load Tender Response is a critical component of motor carrier logistics, helping to ensure that orders are accurately carried and that all parties are always updated on the status of shipments. It reduces the room for error by guaranteeing all parties are on the same page.

Key Data Elements You'll Find in a Load Tender Response:

  • Carrier's response
  • Minimal information relative to the specific shipment
  • Shipment conditions and/or the reasons for declining (if declined)

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